º Responsible Tourism in Putre

Lodging and Responsible Tourism in Putre

The best environment to achieve responsible tourism in Putre. Dedicated to travelers’ comfort, the European-managed Terrace Lodge & Tours is the ideal environment to rest, recharge and get acclimatized to the altitude at 3,560 meters (11,680 feet).

We pamper our guests with attentive service and such amenities as warm, comfy beds, private bathrooms with hot water, independent electric heating and free of charge Wi-Fi connection.  In fact, if not for nearby Lauca National Park and the area’s scenic mountain views and picturesque wildlife… you may never want to leave the lodge!

“Leave Nothing But Your Footprints”

We promote Responsible travel and Eco-tourism, and help/ask travelers to protect the environments they visit.  Terrace Lodge is trying hard to minimize the impact on the local environment.  Our guests are asked to collaborate in our effort.
Take 90 seconds to  read THE RESPONSIBLE TOURIST AND TRAVELLER flyer.  Thanks.

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We promote responsible travel and ecotourism, supporting sustainable development, and help/ask travelers to protect the environments they visit.