Moonlight paintings.

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Posted: luglio 3, 2010 at 3:12 pm

Another video taken by Bernd Pröschold around Putre.  The lack of a starry sky during that cloudy night has been rewarded by “moonlight paintings”.  The coloured peaks in the foreground are at about 4,800 meters above sea level.  The highest is at more than 5,000 masl.  In the background are the “Payachatas”; Parinacota (at right)  and Pomerape volcanoes.  REMEMBER to resize the new opening window to a smaller size.  The video resolution is 320 pixel, which corresponds to about 8 cm ( 3″ ) in your monitor.

To see a frame of this video at higher resolution, click our photo page (500 pixel) or View This Photo on Flickr (1024 pixel).

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