Starry nights around Putre

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Posted: Junio 25, 2010 at 4:12 pm

Amongst the many photographers who came to Putre and stayed at Terrace Lodge there is one who is specialized in astrophotography: Bernd Pröschold.   He spent days and nights around Putre and the Lauca Park in order to take some incredible videos.  Terrace Lodge is allowed to show two of them at small resolution.  Here you can see the first. Downsize the new window to see it better.

After Bernd Proschold another French photographer came  to shoot the landscapes by night: he is Stephane Guisard.  Follow the phographers’ links to to see their works.

On Sunday 4th of July  the second video will be available through the NEWS of this web site.  Stay tuned…!