Canadian Olympic Games 2010

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Posted: October 26, 2013 at 5:16 pm

Canadian Olympic Games 2010

Bombardier at Parinacota

Bombardier recorded a promotional video in Parinacota

video of Bombardier at Parinacota for Canadian Olympic Games 2010

Promoting the Canadian Olympic Games 2010

Bombardier, one of the sponsors of the Canadian Olympic Games, has chosen Parinacota for filming its promotional video Keep the flame burning.

The company proudly states:

“Sustainability is fundamental to how we think, how we conduct our business and how we identify and capitalize on growth opportunities. We formally report on our sustainability performance each spring through our Activity Report. As we continue our evolution toward integrated reporting, the report presents how Bombardier combines financial and non-financial considerations to generate long-term sustainable value.”

We were very happy with their presence and the promotion of Parinacota, of course.