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“Most comfortable lodging in Putre. Close to Lauca Park, Chile”

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Peaceful and quiet environment, privileged view of Putre’s snow-capped mountains, only a four minute walk from the village,  multilingual staff and …real Italian coffee!

Terrace Lodge & Tours offers an excellent option if You seek good service and comfy rooms at a reasonable price.

Lonely Planet “Top choice” in 2012 and “Best place to sleep” in 2015!

Reise Know-How: “Die beste option”

SERNATUR (Ministry of Tourism in Chile) : “Tourism award 2012”.

“Considering that this area -starting from Putre and bordering Bolivia- has some of the best natural attractions I’ve ever seen, I’m wondering why it is still (maybe not for long…) so calm and genuine. People in Chile say that it will be another San pedro de Atacama. I like the area so much that I do hope it will not be a second “San Pedro”. It is so nice not to see tourists anywhere and enjoy these nature wonders on your own.

I spent a few days in Putre because I went to see most of the parks around: Lauca (UNESCO Biosphere); Las Vicunas (don’t limit yourself to the path provided, here are the vizcachas which you can almost touch, but cross the road and climb the easy and gentle hill in order to see more animals, birds and scenic views, volcanoes included); Lake Chungará and Cotacotani Lagoon, where there are flamingos and other bird species; if you can, go to visit Surire as well and you will probably meet “ñandus” (a ostrich-like bird).”   From a Tripadvisor contributor, 2008.

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We won’t be beat on service and confort!