Day Tours

OUR TOURS are for no more than 7 persons and start in Putre or Arica.  Since the tours are tailored to your needs, it is not possible to list all the details in this page.  When Flavio is available (not very often), the tours are for a maximum of 4 guests and explained in english, spanish, french, italian and portuguese.  When Flavio is NOT available, the tours are run by one of our collegues, in spanish, for a maximum of 7 guests. There are different prices – being Flavio more expensive – depending on the driver and the number of participants.  Please ask details and quotes by e-mail using the contact form.

The main areas are:
The East: Lauca Park which includes: Las Cuevas, Parinacota, Cotacotani Lagoons, Chungarà Lake, Chucuyo.
The South: Reserva Las Vicuñas, Guallatire village and volcano, Salar de Surire, Misitune, etc.
The North: Suriplaza, Quebrada Allane, Nevados de Putre.  These areas are almost virgin to tourism.
Jurasi: half -a-day tour at only 30 km from Putre, suggested as a first tour to acclimatise and/or walk at 4,800 m.a.s.l.
Arica to Putre is via Azapa or Lluta valleys depending on your requests and time available.
Desert and precordillera tours, tailored, can include Belen and Codpa.

The vehicle used can change at any time. as a general rule, Flavio drives a 4×4 and his colleagues a minivan.

Safety. Flavio doesn’t take you to remote areas without emergency oxygen, first aid kit and satellite phone.  In some cases you could be asked to sign a self issued health statement and/or to be checked at the local clinic in Putre before starting any excursion to high altitudes.  You will always have to sign a Release of Liability Agreement when touring with Flavio.
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