Helping guests from U.K.

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Posted: January 11, 2013 at 9:56 am

Due to a very slight increase of tourists’ arrivals from United Kingdom it is probably wise to give a recommendation about flying from U.K. airports.  Why are we giving tips to U.K. clients from Chile? Isn’t easier to get info from within U.K.?  Well, the reason is the following.

One of our clients booked a few nights and tours at Terrace Lodge & Tours. Whilst the guests must respect a check-in time at 8 p.m., we have been waiting until 10 p.m. before to declare a “No Show”.  Only the day after the client contacted us to tell he lost the flight.  Did he wake up late?  Maybe an accident along the way to the airport?  No.  He could not park his car at the airport parking.  We did not ask more details about that but here is the solution:  Parking4less.

As the website at “parking 4 less” states, “Compare prices of car parking at all UK airports with our unbiased search engine and save money by booking in advance.”

And, we add, don’t get stressed just when beginning you holidays.  You could spend a night at an airport hotel and relax instead of getting crazy and nervous.  That is not the best way to start your vacation.  Nonetheless, the “No Show” at a hotel could cost you much more.   Fortunately at Terrace Lodge & Tours we managed to resell the room and part of the tours booked to another couple, so the penalty was reduced to a very low fee.

We hope this advice is useful and encourage our guests to tell us about their experience with Parking4less so that others will benefit by starting the vacation in the best, relaxed way. We take advantage of this post to remind British citizens that when travelling in Chile they must carry their passport -together with the Chilean immigration document- at any time.